Summer Assignments


Please visit this page to view all summer assignments for English and Math.  There may also be some assignments posted for certain AP or EEP classes.  Check the page or reach out to the teacher.  Their email addresses are listed on the page.

2021 Secondary Summer Learning Loss Academy

(Summer School) July 6 – August 6

Pilgrim High School Core Values and Beliefs

The Pilgrim High School (PHS) community provides a safe, respectful environment.

We believe that all students can learn.

Our graduates will be responsible, productive, lifelong learners.

21st Century Learning Expectations


  • The PHS graduate will communicate and collaborate effectively via speaking, reading, and writing.
  • The PHS graduate will solve problems and reach logical and reasoned conclusions by utilizing scientific, mathematic, and technological skills.
  • The PHS graduate will possess a broad perception of the world with an appreciation of diverse cultures, environments, and the arts.
  • The PHS graduate will demonstrate the appropriate and relevant use of technology.
  • The PHS graduate will demonstrate positive health habits, including physical exercise, in order to enhance physical and emotional well-being.


  • The PHS graduate will practice respect for diversity in the global community.


  •  The PHS graduate will practice service to the community and demonstrate an awareness of global responsibility.