Summer Assignments


During the summer months, Pilgrim High School would like students to engage in reading and math practice in order to keep their minds active and provide a starting point for the start of the new school year in August 2021.  Please click on the link for the class being taken next year and follow the directions for the reading and math practice.  

For students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses and some Early Enrollment Program (EEP) courses next Fall, your teacher has already contacted you with either the summer assignment or a Google Classroom code for the required summer learning to be completed prior to the start of the school year.  If you have not received an email from the teacher, please consider emailing them directly.  We have provided a list of all AP teachers and their email addresses below.

English AP Teachers:

AP English 3:    

Jeffrey Lawton –

AP English 4:    

Kimberly Parente –

Mathematics AP Teachers:

AP Calculus:     

David Fisher –

AP Computer Science Principles: 

Karen Cameron –

AP Computer Science A:   

Karen Cameron –

AP Statistics:    

Peter Fitzpatrick –


Science AP/EEP Teachers:

AP Biology 2:   

AP Biology 2 Summer Work

Samuel Ashley –

AP Chem 2 AP: 

Meredith Bizragane –

Google Classroom Code for summer work: ck5bzdb 

Chem 2 EEP:    

Meredith Bizragane –

Google Classroom Code for summer work:  

AP Environmental Science :   

Environmental Science AP Summer Scavenger Hunt

Christine Zielinksi –

AP Physics 1:      

AP Physics 1 Summer Work

Richard Marrese –

AP Physics 2:      

AP Physics 2 Summer Work

Richard Marrese –




Social Studies

Social Studies AP Teachers:

AP European History: 

Michael Costello –

Google Classroom Code for summer work:  rmfv5oz

AP Human Geography:

Nisa Sangiovianni –

Google Classroom Code for summer work:  uzw6f2i 

AP Psychology:         

Michael Xiarhos –

AP U.S. History:         

Nisa Sangiovianni –

Google Classroom Code for summer work:  swhvurc