Office of the Principal

As Principal, I would like to welcome you inside Pilgrim High School. After serving as Principal of Warwick Veterans Memorial High School from 2005-2016, I came to Pilgrim in September 2016 as we consolidated our high schools in Warwick from three high schools to two. I am very proud of the students, faculty, and staff as the transition went fairly smooth. We have combined some of the great aspects offered at Warwick Veterans with the great things that have been happening at Pilgrim High School. We offer a tremendous amount of opportunities for our students. We have expanded honors and AP programs. We have opportunities in our Studio 107 (Audio and Video Production), biotechnology, robotics, leadership/community service, clubs, athletics, support services, and various elective classes.

As Principal, I have three priorities. The safety and security of the students, faculty, and staff is our main concern on a daily basis. Creating an environment based on mutual respect and outstanding positive rapport is very important. Finally, we strive to produce quality instruction in every classroom.
To the students, I preach my seven keys to be successful in school:
1) Follow all school rules
2) Be respectful
3) Complete all classwork and homework assignments to the best of one’s ability
4) Prepare for test and quizzes
5) Attend school and be on time on a daily basis
6) Be prepared for class (pen, pencil, book, notebook, charged Chromebook, and agenda
7) Seek help when having difficulty.
With these seven keys, I guarantee student success in school.
Enjoy exploring our website as we try to give you as much information about our great school as possible.