Health & Physical Education

The physical education and health department strives to help students to demonstrate positive health habits, including physical exercise, in order to enhance physical and emotional well being.  Physical Education provides experiences needed by students that cannot be offered in any other part of the curriculum. Hence, the unique contributions of Physical Education lie in the realm of physical fitness and are derived through participation in several varying activities.  Health education teaches units on personal health, mental health, injury prevention, sexuality and family life, disease prevention, and substance use and abuse prevention. A sampling of the topics includes bullying, CPR, mental illness, dating violence, drinking and driving, and communicable diseases.

Physical Education Mission Statement

The mission of the physical education and health department is to provide each student with opportunities that contribute to them becoming well-rounded adults.  Students will be presented with a variety of information and/or activities to assist them in achieving a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Physical Education and Health Department Night: Wednesday