The Mathematics Department focuses on teaching mathematical concepts and their practical applications to students on any post-high school path, be it college, the workforce, the military, etc.  Understanding mathematical concepts is essential in a world increasingly run on data and dependent on technology.  Subjects include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. They cover concepts including solving equations and inequalities; graphing, modeling and charting; working with units; learning sequences; determining probabilities, and calculating angles. Learning also incorporates technology tools such as spreadsheets, graphing calculators and mathematical software.

Mathematics Mission Statement

The mission of the mathematics department is for all students to graduate with the math skills necessary for success in college and in their careers.  Our students will be proficient problem solvers, they will be able to reason and communicate mathematically, they will be able to mathematically model appropriate situations and will attend to accuracy and precision when problem-solving.

Math Department Night: Monday

Mathematics Department

Phone number: (401) 298 – 6618

Department Head: Julie Mixner

Colleen Benoit                      

Sarah Bianco                        

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