The Pilgrim Science Department provides a comprehensive program of physical and biological science courses designed to help students understand the natural and manmade worlds. The curriculum includes physical science, biology, chemistry and physics. It also offers students opportunities to study specialized areas such as environmental, forensics and geology. Students are taught to understand how fundamental scientific principles work and observe how science affects their lives. This education provides a solid foundation for studying science at the college level, but also informs students on any life path about the scientific foundations of products and technologies that affect their everyday lives.

Science Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Pilgrim High School Science Department is to guide students to become knowledgeable, scientifically literate problem solvers who are able to comprehend and analyze global issues.

Science Department Night: Thursday

Science Department

Phone Number: (401) 298 – 6636

Department Head: Dori LaBella

Samuel Ashley             

Meredith Bizragane    

Allen Brizio                    

Edward Colvin              

Marc Cotnoir                

Roger Hall                     

Richard Marrese          

Stacey O’Donnell                   stacey.o’

Marissa Reynolds        

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Edward Serowik           

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Christine Zielinski