Social Studies

In a democratic society, it is absolutely essential that all people are not only informed but also have sufficient, substantive and accurate information to make reasonable, rational choices and decisions. Our philosophy obligates teachers to assist all students to function intelligently and have an equal responsibility to master a certain core of knowledge and skills in the social sciences. It seems wise and proper that all students approach their study of humanity through analysis and interpretation of subject matter within a thinking and standards-based curriculum.

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Social Studies Mission Statement

The mission of the Social Studies department is to develop active, patriotic citizens, appreciative of the privileges and cognizant of their responsibilities and rights.

Social Studies Department Night: Thursday

Social Studies Department

Phone Number: (401) 298 – 6675

Department Head: Edward Kimmerlein

Sarah Ames                     

John Brennan                  

Kathleen Buckley            

Michael Costello             

Terri Hebert                    

Paul Kennedy                  

John McDonnell              

William Millette               

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Peter SanGiovanni          

Alison Wallace                 

Michael Xiarhos