Special Education

The Special Education Department is committed to enabling students of all abilities to actively participate in Pilgrim High School’s academic and social lives. Our goal is to collaborate with families and educators to eliminate barriers for students with educational challenges and empower them to set and achieve life goals. The Special Education staff helps educators modify the curriculum with respect to individual disabilities, while still adhering to established educational standards. The objective is to create programs of study that will prepare students post-secondary education and workplace environments.

Special Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Special Education department will be added soon!

Special Education Department Night: Monday

Special Education Department

Phone Number: (401) 298 – 6621

Department Head: Stephen Carter


Scott Bailey                           scott.bailey@warwickschools.org

Ellen Casey                            ellen.casey@warwickschools.org

Diane Chaplin                       diane.chaplin@warwickschools.org

Alison Dottor                         alison.dottor@warwickschools.org

Karin Greaves                       karin.greaves@warwickschools.org

Jason Huddon                       jason.huddon@warwickschools.org

Nolan Landy                          nolan.landy@warwickschools.org

Sheryl McGovern                  sheryl.mcgovern@warwickschools.org

Traci-Lyn McGuire                traci-lyn.mcguire@warwickschools.org

Jeanne Miranda                    jeanne.miranda@warwickschools.org

Judy Ryan                               judy.ryan@warwickschools.org

Nancy Sherrill                       nancy.sherrill@warwickschools.org

Julie Trimble                          julie.trimble@warwickschools.org

Kerri Trottier                         kerri.trottier@warwickschools.org

Charlene Wheeler                charlene.wheeler@warwickschools.org