Pilgrim Pathways

What are Pathways and Pathway Endorsements?

Pathways are programs that embody deep learning in a chosen area of academic study to prepare students for employment or further education in a career or industry area.  Pilgrim High School aims to increase learning opportunities for all students in addition to its graduation requirements.  Earning a Pathway Endorsement Seal signifies tenacious commitment to learning within a career field which may lead to rewarding college and career opportunities.  Our pathways will offer students rigorous coursework and build essential skills such as communication, collaboration, analysis, reflection, technology, and hands-on problem solving of real-world topics.

Commencing with the class of 2021, students can earn a Pathway Endorsement Seal on their high school diploma.  Please note, the description page for each Pathway will notate which graduating class is eligible for earning that particular Pathway Endorsement.  Pilgrim High School will have five (5) Pathway Endorsement options available to students for the 2021-2022 school year.


What is required to earn a Pathway Endorsement?

  • Successful completion of the Pathway’s required courses 
  • Achieving proficiency on Work-Based Learning projects in each of the required courses
  • Successful completion of one Capstone Project for Pathway Endorsements (which fulfills the requirement of completing a Senior Project)


What Pathways will be available at Pilgrim High School?  

Please click on the links below to learn more about each Pathway.  

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Lifesaver
  3. Performing Arts:  Band/Orchestra or Chorus/Chorale
  4. Studio 107*
  5. Visual Arts

Note:  Pilgrim High School’s pathway programs may change in order to make improvements to program requirements, course curricula, and/or projects.


ResourcesPrepareRI, RIDE Graduation Requirements


For questions about Pathway Endorsements, please contact Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning at Pilgrim, Dr. Cheri Guerra:  cheri.guerra@warwickschools.org or (401) 734-3250.


*Studio 107 is a full CTE (Career and Technical Education) program approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education.