The Guidance Department is committed to developing every student’s social, emotional, academic and career potential, in cooperation with families, educators and community partners. The staff helps students make healthy life choices and plan out an education to support their life goals, whether they lead to the workforce or higher education. Counselors are a resource for students coping with stress, depression, abuse, anxiety, and socials issues that may arise at school or home. Counseling is done in a confidential environment that promotes trust and confidence, encouraging students to communicate openly with the guidance staff. The goal is to nurture productive, resilient members of society.

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Guidance Mission Statement

Every student can learn and succeed in reaching and acquiring high standards that reflect his or her maximum potential. Guidance counselors are available to serve every student and will work with students, parents, and teachers to ensure that all students reach their potential and acquire life-long learning skills.

Guidance Department Night: Tuesday

Guidance Department

Phone Number: (401) 734 – 3259

Department Head:  John Gostanian

Guidance Secretary

Carolyn Fawe                           

Guidance Secretary Assistant

Patricia Burdick                       

Guidance Counselors

Susan Durand                          

John Guertin                             

Ruth Imber                               

Brenda Spaziano