Flyer for PHS Class Rings

Balfour is offering a CLASS RING SALE FOR 3-WEEKS ONLY!!! (January 13 - February 3)

Attached you will find a Flyer with all of the necessary information to purchase your Official Class Ring. You may scan the QR Code or Click on the link provided on the Flyer and either one will bring you right to your school’s website on
Also on the Flyer is a link to the Balfour brochure so that you may look through it beforehand to see all of the different options Balfour has to offer.
Balfour has also provided you with a Finger Sizer. Please print it out and follow the instructions on how to size your finger. You can always stop by a local jewelry store to get your finger- sized as well. 
For a limited time, Balfour is running a 3-week sale! Prices are reflected on the website.
Place your order during the weeks designated on the Flyer to receive this exclusive offer.
If you have any questions at all regarding ordering your Class Rings please call the local Balfour Sales office at 401-467-7018.

*Also on the Balfour website, there is a lot of great merchandise: Hoodies, T-Shirts,
Sweatpants, etc. Stock up on some great Class Gear!!!

Pilgrim Class Ring Flyer